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September Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 16 Oct 2019

September was another busy month for us at Fletcher. Our HSEQ team received several excellent Safety Observation Cards, many of which were used for recommendations amongst the fleet.


One card which stood out and deemed worthy of recognition was that submitted by the winner of September's Safety Champion Award. Our congratulations go to Chief Officer on board FS Carrick: Greg Laird.


The award has been given for an SOC submitted which outlined an observation Greg noticed whilst working on board FS Aberdour. Upon inspection, he saw that the caps on the fire hydrants on board were missing pressure relief arrangements or pinholes, which gave the potential for injury or damage should pressure build behind the caps. Greg's observation has allowed our HSEQ team to share further information across the fleet via a fleet safety flash, to ensure that any cap that had been previously missed is modified.


We would like to thank Mr Laird for his contribution and promotion of our company safety culture, and congratuate him on the title of Safety Champion. 


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