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Spot Availability
Vessel: Type: Deck Area (m2): Charterer: Available: Port: Additional Comments
FS Abergeldie UT755LN DP2 PSV 702 Spirit 27.3 + opts Aberdeen   
FS Balmoral UT755LN DP2 PSV 742 MPI / Petrofac 24.3 + opts Aberdeen   
FS Braemar UT755LN DP2 PSV 742 ConocoPhillips 28.3 + opts Aberdeen  
FS Carrick UT755LN DP2 PSV 702 Fraser 22.3 Peterhead  
Standard Provider UT776CD DP2 PSV 1033 Peterson UK p.m. Today Aberdeen  
Standard Supplier ST216LCD DP2 PSV 1060 In House (TBC from 24.3-28.3) 22.3 / October Aberdeen  
            Last updated 17:25hrs 21.03.19
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Weekend Duty Manager:  Niall Reid
Robbie Cook Niall Reid Karen Macrae
Commercial Director Business Development Manager Chartering Assistant
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Mob: +44 7407 195597 Mob: +44 7533 435844 Tel: 01224 785 785
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