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September Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 14 Sep 2018

Every month, our HSEQ team identifies a relevant Safety Theme which is communicated across the fleet to help promote staff engagement with the development and implementation of HSEQ Policies within our company. As a diverse company, it's our goal to be able to share any information that may be beneficial to our teams on board, whilst helping to maintain a pro-active safety culture.


Last month, our Safety Theme was COSHH (the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations). Due to the nature of work, our Ship Staff regularly come into contact with controlled substances, and everyone is well aware and familiar with the content and application of Material Safety Data Sheets and appropriate PPE for safe use of chemicals.


In line with this prominent theme, our winning Safety Champion for this month made an excellent observation highlighting accidentally unmarked containers that had been left in the ship's accommodation. Well versed in the correct procedures, he swiftly and correctly resolved the issue.


We are therefore exceptionally pleased to offer our congratulations to Mr Duncan Malcolm, 2nd Officer on board the Standard Supporter. We hope the title is well received and Duncan continues to enjoy what appears to be a much sunnier location than Scotland during his time off the vessel!


As always, we very much look forward to this month's influx of Safety Observation Cards from our teams across the fleet. 

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