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September 2020 Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 25 Sep 2020

September has brought us some great Safety Observation Cards from across the fleet, with many highlighting positive changes which have been implemented as a result.


We are pleased to announce that the winner of this month’s title is Rafal Lokocz, Chief Officer from the CBO Supporter. We wanted to highlight Rafal’ s observation as it has been noted and experienced on a number of different vessels and we felt it should be highlighted once again.


Whilst monitoring a 3rd party contractor departing the vessel, Rafal noticed that the contractor was about to attempt to step off the vessel through an open pilot door directly onto the quay as opposed to using the gangway. Rafal was alert to the situation and immediately stopped the contractor, informing him that he ought to use the gangway for any boarding or departing of the vessel. Rafal’ s observation serves as a reminder to all of us to challenge any unsafe behaviour we see, whether it is crew, office staff, contractors, surveyors or any 3rd party for that matter.


We would therefore like to say thank you to Rafal for his quick actions and congratulate him on winning the coveted title of September Safety Champion!


We would also like to note some other worth submissions from this month. Honourable mentions also go to:


Artur Sakowski, C/O FS Braemar: The vessel received a fuel hose from an installation, once it was connected, they were informed the bunker man was unavailable for an unspecified time period. Artur stopped the job and had the platform recover the hose until the necessary personnel were available.


Jimmy Culham, Master Standard Viking: While mooring, Jimmy saw that a fuel hose had been taken on board from ashore before the vessel had finished tying up. He stopped the job and informed all parties to wait until the vessel was secure alongside.


Duncan Malcolm, C/O Standard Viking: Duncan stopped the job when he spotted that stores were about to be lifted on board on a pallet and instructed them to use a cargo net per company procedures. 


We’d like to commend Rafal for his good work and thank everyone for their observations this month.

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