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Safety Champions 2022

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 07 Mar 2022

We have two new Safety Champion Awards that we would very much like to share and celebrate.


The first Safety Champion is Manuel Da Costa who works as an A/B on board FS Arendal.


Manuel received this award for his observation and actions taken while the vessel was working alongside an offshore installation carrying out deck cargo ops. The vessel had been discharging several heavy lifts that were being lifted by the platform crane using their main block heavy hook. After discharging the heavy lifts, the crane continued to come down for regular cargo with the heavy hook.


Manuel checked with the bridge and the platform crew and asked them to reconnect the whip line with lighter hook so that the deck crew did not have to continue to handle the main block hook unnecessarily.


Manual handling remains one of the most common causes of injury in our industry and manual handling of heavy objects should be limited or reduced as far as possible. We’d like to commend Manuel for his correct implementation of our stop the job policy and encourage all crew to challenge anything they believe to be unsafe or that causes doubt.


The next Safety Champion award that we would like to celebrate goes to Maciej Wieczorkiewicz. Maciej works as 2nd Officer on board the World Diamond.


Maciej was carrying out some routine maintenance work when he noted one of the gas struts supporting the opening and closing of an emergency escape hatch from the steering gear room was not working as expected. The failed strut made opening the escape hatch very difficult.


Maciej reported the issue to the vessel Safety Officer so that repairs could be carried out. It is vitally important that escape hatches are accessible in the event of an emergency, we’d like to thank Maciej for his observation and encourage all crew to report anything they come across on board that doesn’t seem right, or which causes concern.


We would like to offer our thanks to both Manuel and Maciej for approaching safety on board in a professional and pragmatic manner. Congratulations to both and thank you for your continued work on board.

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