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Safety Champion of the Month

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 24 Oct 2018

As part of our continuous HSEQ policy for crew engagement and safety on board, this month saw the implementation of Workplace Housekeeping as our Safety Theme across the fleet.


For our vessels, housekeeping is not just cleanliness, it includes keeping work areas neat and orderly; maintaining alleyways and decks free of slip and trip hazards as well as the removal of waste materials and other fire hazards from work areas.


When consistent, effective housekeeping can eliminate many of the simplest and most commonly overlooked workplace hazards, as well as improving on board efficiency.


Through offering a valued observation in line with the theme, this month we are pleased to announce that the coveted Safety Champion title goes to one of our newest members to the fleet: Mr Adrian Andrzejewski.


Mr Andrzejewski joined the Standard Supplier earlier in the month and was introduced to the Theme of the Month and Safety Observation Card Scheme during his induction. Adrian's immediate commitment to the theme and his valued contribution is commendable and much appreciated.


Huge congratulations go to Adrian for his observation, and we hope he continues to settle into the team on board.

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