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Safety Champion of the Month

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 13 Jun 2018

Once again, we have had a fantastic month receiving innovative ideas and observations from our Vessel Crews across the fleet as part of our Safety Observation Card Scheme.


Stealing this month's coveted title of Safety Champion is Mr James McEwan; 2nd Officer on board the FS Crathes. Huge congratulations to James for his winning observation!


James brought to our attention an observation he made in relation to a fire detector in the vessel's workshop. His foresight has provided our HSEQ team with valuable content to aid and implement in the safety culture on board. We have been able to use the observation as a reminder of procedures for fire detctor heads and the additional fire prevention control measures that ought to be taken. 


Thanks again to James for bringing such a poignant subject to the forefront of our training this month, and congratulations on receiving your official Safety Champion title!

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