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Safety Champion of the Month

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 10 May 2018

Since the implementation of our Safety Observation Card Scheme, we have had a great response from our Crews voicing their perceived potential hazards on board our vessels. Whilst most of these potential hazards are just that: potential, it is important for all seafarers to be aware of the dangerous environment within which they operate daily. We are therefore grateful that crews are becoming increasingly aware and active towards highlighting possible incidents before they have the opportunity to happen.


With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that the winner of this month’s competition is Mr Edgar (Eddie) Gobins! Huge congratulations to Eddie who has worked for Fletcher as 2nd Officer and now Chief Officer on board the FS Arendal.


Eddie now receives the new and very coveted title of Safety Champion for the month! Eddie identified a weakness in a particular model of lifebuoy which could have resulted in a small, but rather incredulous floatation issue should it have been used in a real-life incident. We have since been able to share this information with the fleet, resulting in similar issues being highlighted and resolved. 


Thanks again to Eddie, and congratulations on the new title!!

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