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Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 27 Oct 2021

As we continue to move through Autumn, it is only right that we take a moment to celebrate some of our seafarers achievements during the last of the Summer Months.


We have three Safety Champion awards to highlight and celebrate. The first being awarded to Scott Black, one of our 2nd Mate’s on-board Standard Viking. Scott has received the award for his observation regarding an unsafe manual handling operation. Scott spotted a crew member struggling to carry a large item, he correctly stopped the job and helped carry the lift.


This serves as an important reminder that manual handling injuries are estimated to be the cause of 1/3rd of work-related illnesses / injuries and it remains vitally important that we all follow the guidelines and correct manual handling procedures. If a lift is too big, get help. While each of us is responsible for assessing a lift or manual handling task prior to undertaking it, Scott’s observation is a good example of being on the lookout for those around you as well. If you see someone else struggling with manual handling work, stop the job and reassess. We’d like to commend Scott for his actions and for looking out for the safety & health of his fellow crew.


The next Safety Champion Awards goes to Duncan Malcolm, Chief Officer on board FS Arendal. This award is given for his observation regarding an unidentified chemical found stored in a bottle of domestic cleaning product. Duncan identified that the chemical in the bottle was not the cleaning product per the bottle label. He safely disposed of the unknown chemical and used the opportunity to have a refresher session with the vessel crew on the basics of COSHH.


As a reminder, COSHH is a set of regulations that exist to protect workers from ill health as a result of working with certain substances & materials. It is essential that all chemicals used on board are correctly identified and have an appropriate MSDS. Chemicals must only be stored in their correctly labelled containers. Any chemical which is not properly labelled or cannot be identified must not be used and should be safely disposed of. We’d like to thank Duncan for his observation and actions and would encourage all vessels to approach the use and storage of chemicals with the appropriate level or care required.


Our final Safety Champion Award for now is going to go to Armando Maciel, AB on board Standard Viking. The award is given for his actions during deck cargo ops offshore. Armando noticed a backloaded container coming down with a DG sticker on one side but not the others. Armando radioed the bridge to report this and get confirmation on whether the container was a DG or not. The bridge contacted the rig crew and were able to confirm the container did not contain dangerous goods and the DG sticker could be removed. An incorrectly labelled dangerous goods container has the potential to cause issues or delays upon the vessels return to port. This was a good spot and proactive response by Armando to pick up something that was missed by both the rig crew and vessel bridge.


There are always reasons to celebrate our exceptional seafarers, and these examples are testament to the crew and their commitment to their work. So, we would like to offer our Congratulations to Scott, Duncan and Armando for winning the title of Safety Champion!

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