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Offshore Europe 2023

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 07 Sep 2023

Two of our Fletcher team were able to attend OE23 at the P&J live this week.  


The main focus of the visit was to catch up with industry trends and technologies available (of which there are many) …


With the phase out of fluorescent lighting several ideas were explored for a phased replacement across the fleet. This is something we plan to initiate when a suitable alternative is found.


Tank entries are known as one of the most dangerous activities a seafarer can be engaged in, while we have systems in place to mitigate this risk it would be all together safer if personnel did not have to enter tanks and work at height for cleaning.  A magnetic robot was on display this year at OE23 which can be used for blasting and cleaning of internal tank surfaces.  Further there are drones available for conducting tank inspections, anything of this nature which takes our seafarers out of the line of peril will be explored for suitability.  


As is a common trend throughout the industry at the moment; the event focus is very much on carbon reduction within the industry and what can be achieved in the coming years.  There are large scale changes required in the way vessels are operated and designed to achieve this and it is imperative that we remain at the forefront of discussions with ports, suppliers, classification societies, and governing bodies on the best way forward.  


At present there is a great deal of uncertainty over which route to take especially around alternative fuels thus the key to success and longevity is flexibility.  


At Fletcher our ethos is around teamwork and flexibility, both of which will be required in the coming years to adapt our operations and assets to suit a changing industry.  


Highlight of the event had to be the whopping big turbocharger fitted to the Liberty Walk GTR on display by Stauff!  


All in all, it was an informative day and great to catch up with some former colleagues and friends from the industry!


Written by William Kenny, Technical Manager Fletcher Group 

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