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October Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 19 Nov 2020

We are pleased to announce that the winner of October’s Safety Champion is Seumas Fraser, Chief Officer on board FS Balmoral.


The award is given for his actions during an event involving wet bulk waste. Prior to commencing discharge of the grey water in port, Seumas held a toolbox talk with the deck crew and, in anticipation of a strong odour from the waste water, instructed the deck crew to wear respirator masks and personal gas monitors as a precaution.


Once on deck the crew proceeded to lift the tank lid when their personal gas meters sounded, indicating high H2S levels. The alarm was raised, and the crew mustered inside the accommodation. Following consultation, the cargo was successfully discharged with the help of vessel crew in SCBA & the tank was cleaned by a 3rd party.


Seumas actions and prompting of the use of personal gas meters went above and beyond, and very likely prevented a potential incident. The incident also prompted a review & updating of company procedures. Congratulations Seumas, not only do you receive the coveted title of Safety Champion, but you are the first of our winners to receive one of our new Fletcher bump caps.


Once again thank you to everyone who submitted a valued Safety Observation Card and thank you to Seumas for his contribution to our company safety culture.

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