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November Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 18 Dec 2019

Our Safety Observation Card system is now very well established and crew engagement in the initiative has significantly increased throughout 2019. All vessels are contributing on a regular basis across both crews which is great to see.


We take great care in recording all SOC's submitted which allows detailed trending analysis to be conducted across the range of data.



These statistics demonstrate which activities are being recognised and show the proactive nature of our crews and their understanding of Health and Safety practices on board as well as our own company procedures and expectations. We are exceptionally proud of this positive attitude on board and thank all our crews for contributing.


The title of Safety Champion for November went to our Master on board FS Abergeldue: Igor Zakurdajev! Igor presented two safety cards pertaining to unsafe acts taking place on board the vessel by third party contractors.


In the first instance, a person was working at height without all expected control measures in place. A Stop the Job was initiated, and the person advised of the safe procedure. The second instance saw a contractor attempting to board the vessel via a side access doorway. The person was stopped and instructed to use the gangway for his own safety. Both these cases have been shared with and acknowledged by the contractor supervisor and an internal investigation was carried out and the lessons learned shared with personnel.


We would like to thank Igor for his valuable contribution to not only improving safety on board, but in highlighting the necessity in having to monitor all personnel working on board regardless of their position in our crew or otherwise. It is our responsibility to keep everyone on board our vessel safe.


Huge congratulations to Igor for his new title of Safety Champion and thank you for such a valuable contribution!

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