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May Safety Champion 2021

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 07 Jun 2021

We are very pleased to announce that the Safety Champion winner for the month of May is Joao Braga, AB on board Standard Viking. 


Joao is the deserving recipient of this award after his actions regarding an unsafe tank lid in the vessels safe haven. The vessel has an unfortunate structure on deck whereby the tank lid cannot be fully opened due to obstruction, thus making it unsafe for the crew to use without the ability to hold the lid in the open position. Joao raised the issue along with the suggestion of welding a small plate to the lid that would allow the lid to be locked in the open position when required.


This solution has since made tank entries both safer, and easier for crew. The observation along with its practical solution is a great reminder to all crew that there are always ways to improve safety on board. A very well-deserved congratulations to Joao for receiving the coveted title of Safety Champion for the month of May!!


Thank you again to all Safety Observations submitted, and congratulations Joao!

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