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May Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 29 May 2019

The coveted title of Safety Champion of the month is not just awarded for spotting potential incidents or issues on board. Our health and safety team always appreciate it when they receive Safety Observation Cards which demonstrate forward thinking and an investment in making the environment on board a vessel a better place for everyone.


With this in mind, the Safety Observation Card which gained the attention of our team this month was one that highlighted the cumbersome cap present on an offshore fuel hose. It was noticed that the existing cap was creating an additional manual handling hazard for the operator when trying to connect the hose. Once the inefficiency had been observed, an alternative arrangement was suggested which then allowed operators to disconnect the heavy cap prior to connecting the fuel hose.


The innovative person behind this observation and corresponding solution was Mr Manuel Soares, an AB working on board Standard Viking. Manuel's proactive approach to the safe operation will not only benefit the deck crew on board this vessel, but also any other vessels who operate at the installation.


We would like to pass on our thanks to Manuel, and out Congratulations on winning the coveted title of Safety Champion of the Month!



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