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May 2020 Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 17 Jun 2020

Thank you once again to all our crew for continuing to remain vigilant and maintaining a firm focus on safety whilst working on board our vessels. We received some excellent safety observation cards throughout the month of May, however there was one in particular which stood out for our team due to the crew member’s attention to detail.


Whilst conducting a routine inspection, one 2nd Officer noticed an obstruction on the bitter end of the anchor cable.  He discussed with the deck crew before removing and reporting to the Chief Officer.


The bitter end is easily accessible but not observed or checked during daily operations unless required in an emergency. To have made such an observation shows the attention to detail required for crew whilst working on deck and is to be applauded.


We are therefore very pleased to announce that the winner of this month’s Safety Champion award is Scott Moore, 2nd Officer on FS Balmoral. Congratulations Scott for winning the coveted title!


We would like to thank Scott for his proactive contribution to maintaining safety within our company safety culture.

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