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March 2021 Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 31 Mar 2021

The Safety Champion Award for March has been given to Kieran Webster, Chief Engineer on board Standard Olympus. 


The award has been given for Kieran’s observation and subsequently his actions after spotting a potentially dangerous situation in the engine room. Whilst crew were performing work on the tank tops, sufficient safety measures to ensure open ER plates had not been taken and there was a potential for an incident. Kieran stopped the job and held a TOFS with the crew involved. The hazardous situation was then rectified, and crew awareness was improved for the future.


We would like to congratulate Kieran on receiving the Safety Champion Title and commend his diligence and his use of Stop the Job as well as taking the time to explain to the crew the reasoning behind it.


In addition, we would like to give an honourable mention to Benjamin McLean, 2nd Officer on FS Balmoral. During a routine inspection of lifebuoys, Benjamin found two buoys that had been lashed in place making them unavailable for immediate use in the event of an emergency. Whilst it is good practice to secure items for sea, particularly in the winter months, this is never the case when it comes to lifesaving equipment which should always be ready for immediate use.


Thank you again to all crew for their continued efforts and engagement in our safety culture. We appreciate every single Safety Observation card we receive, and its testament to you all for upholding such standards across the fleet.   

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