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March 2020 Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 09 Apr 2020

March has been a long month. We don’t need to detail the list of challenges we have all faced across not just our industry, but in our own communities, families and across the nation. 


When we think about the current situation we are all in and the effects it has on so many aspects of our lives, there is one thing that comes to the forefront of our thoughts; and that is how much we are able to come together as a team. When we do this, we are able to overcome and push through obstacles that stand in our way. 


Here at Fletcher, we are trying to operate ‘business as usual’ as much as possible. However there have been obvious challenges with crewing, travel, supplier issues, chartering issues…the list could go on. What has become evident however is that our huge team working both offshore and onshore, are a tough and resilient bunch. We have experienced countless demonstrations of flexibility and teamwork across the fleet that have allowed us as a company to continue working effectively, efficiently and of course; safely. 


To highlight one small but valuable lesson in teamwork, we are celebrating Duncan MacIntyre as our Safety Champion for March. Duncan works as a cook on board Standard Viking and during a busy time on board the vessel he asked for assistance from any available crew to attend a store’s delivery which required loading onto the vessel. When only a small number of crew were available to assist, Duncan called a Stop the Job and refused to continue with the task until there were a sufficient number of people on hand to carry out the job safely. Duncan recognised that if he persisted without help, he was putting not just himself but a member of the team at risk to experiencing a manual handling injury.


Working as a team is not only the way to get work completed correctly, efficiently and safely, it also benefits us all in our day to day interactions and mental health, which is most definitely at the forefront of our thoughts at the moment. 


We would like to thank Duncan and his crewmembers for their contribution to maintaining safety within our company safety culture, and congratulations on gaining the coveted title of Safety Champion for the month of March.


We would also like to thank all our employees for continuing to work as a team throughout these difficult times, we look forward to bright times ahead.

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