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June Safety Champion 2020

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 02 Jul 2020


Emergency drills are a vital tool utilised across our entire fleet to ensure crew are familiar with all life saving appliances on board. In addition to the familiarisation of safety equipment, drills are imperative towards the continuous monitoring of the condition of equipment. They are essential to ensuring any vessel is equipped to the correct standard as well as safeguarding the crew on board to be prepared for any emergency scenario.


During a recent enclosed space drill on board FS Abergeldie, Chief Officer Krystian Bronisz noticed a tag line attached to the wrong end of a stretcher. The tag line is secured by the feet to control a load as it is being lifted. Were this not to have been the correct way around, the stretcher could have been lifted upside down, or with it secured to the head incorrectly there is scope for it to have potentially caused further injury to the theoretical injured party if it were in use.


We would like to pass on our congratulations to Krystian for winning the coveted title of Safety Champion, and for his productive contribution to maintaining safety within our company safety culture.


As always, we are hugely appreciative for all Safety Observations Cards submitted throughout the month and thank our crew for their continued contribution.

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