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June Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 04 Jul 2019

June Safety Champion


Each month our HSEQ team choose a prominent safety theme for our crew to focus on during their time on board. June's Safety Theme has been Mental Health and Wellbeing.


Seafarer Mental Health continues to be at the forefront of everything we do as a company, and we are committed to ensuring mental health and wellbeing is monitored and managed effectively within our safety culture.


We ask our crew to remain vigilant to our safety culture and to observe potential risks or highlight possible improvements wherever they may see them, utilising our Safety Observation Cards. To be able to do this, our seafarers must be working effectively and, more importantly, happily, on board. There are many factors playing into workplace satisfaction, including a person's mood, their ability to focus and make decisions, their attitude on board and their willingness or ability to be part of a team.


We are always grateful to our crew for taking the time to send in Safety Observation Cards. Taking the time and effort to be vigilant in their work and spot any potential risks and improvements is always appreciated, and all crew do so with the support of their crewmates and gain coveted respect within their teams on board.


This month, the winning Safety Observation Card was submitted by Chief Officer on board FS Arendal; Duncan Malcolm. Although Duncan does not normally deal with the lines on board the vessel, he spotted an issue with one of the monkey's fists which had the potential to cause injury had it gone un-noticed. Such observations are so important to any operational vessel, and we are grateful to Duncan for being so vigilant in his role within the team on board.


A big thanks and congratulations are therefore due to Duncan, and we hope you enjoy your title as Safety Champion of the Month!!

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