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June 2021 Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 01 Jul 2021

The Safety Champion award for the month of June goes to one of our AB’s on-board our newest vessel to the fleet; FS Aquarius. Congratulations to Jakub Wasak on the excellent safety observation which was very much deserving of the winning title.


The award was given for an observation Jakub made during routine maintenance on accommodation fire flaps. Jakub noted that the fixed rungs used to access the fire flaps were slippery and potentially hazardous, so he correctly stopped the job to reassess and find a safer route to carry out the work.


Jakub’s observation has prompted the addition of anti-skid tape which has been fitted to the rungs to make the job safer in the future.


Jakub’s observation is an excellent example of the safety culture we promote throughout the fleet which encourages all crew to:


  • Feel comfortable to Stop the Job if they come across a hazard.
  • Reassess and, if possible, identify a safer way to do the work.
  • Identify long term improvements to make the task safer.


Our thanks to Jakub for his conscientious approach to safety on board, and congratulations on being our latest Safety Champion!


As always, we are grateful to everyone who submitted an observation and appreciate the continued support and focus on safety throughout the fleet.

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