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July Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 02 Aug 2019

Congratulations to this month's Safety Champion Winner: Mr Gustavo Alves!


Gustavo works on board FS Carrick as an AB and has always been an avid supporter of our safety card initiative, having submitted several cards during his time on board.


His most recent submission was an observation with regards to the rescue craft lashings. Gustavo noticed that the current lashings could potentially be difficult and slow to remove in an emergency in bad weather. He proposed a safety knife be made available nearby as an aid. Gustavo's pro-active mindset to seek out and improve safety on board is highly commendable, and greatly appreciated.


We would therefore like to thank Gustavo for his continued support and contribution to the health and safety on board. 


As always, we appreciate all safety cards that are sent in and look forward to receiving more for this next month. 

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