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July Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 11 Jul 2018

Blue shoe covers on please! Have you ever seen an engine room sparkle like this one?!


This month's Safety Champion was nominated by his fellow crew mates for going above and beyond in his work scope. Mr Duarte Vilhena; Motorman on board the Standard Princess, had a positive Safety Card submitted on his behalf which highlighted his efforts in identifying a clear escape route from the engine machinery spaces. Not only was Duarte meticulous in his task, going as far as highlighting potential trip hazards, but his scrupulous standards are apparent across all his work, as demonstrated in the cleanliness of his mechanical spaces.


Mr Duarte Vilhena is therefore the winner of the Safety Champion title for the month of July! Congratulations to Duarte, and well done for receiving such positive feedback from your fellow crew mates.


Thank you to all our crews for their Safety Card contributions this month. As always, we appreciate all the ideas and observations we receive, and so many of them are considered when we put together our HSEQ Summary or Safety Flash.


Congratulations once again to Duarte on receiving the official Safety Champion title! 


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