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FS Cygnus Hawser Switch

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 01 Feb 2019

Fletcher Vessel FS Cygnus was recently approached by a long-term client to review the feasibility of using the vessel for a task which is typically conducted by an Anchor Handler. Whilst the task was a relatively simple procedure, it's a great example to share of how a modern PSV with the right crew can turn their hand to any job which they deem fit and safe for the vessel to carry out. A breakdown is detailed below:


FS Cygnus - The Mission: Changeover of the hawser which is used for mooring the off-take tanker to the FPSO.


The Background:

  • The Crew conducted a full risk assessment of the proposed task.
  • All elements were carefully discussed and reviewed by all parties involved including the Company Operations Department and the Client; ensuring everyone was involved in the planning process.
  • Once all parties had been consulted, it was agreed that the task was well within the capabilities of the vessel and that safety at all times was in fact achievable.


The Operation:

  • The vessel was required to maintain a relative position stern to stern with the weathervaning FPSO.
  • A range of 10m was required in order to receive the redundant hawser successfully, and to then pass the new 70m x 130mm hawser directly onto the FPSO's storage reel.
  • The vessel's twin tugger winches were used to control the vessel end of the hawser during the change out.



  • Success!
  • The operation was safely and successfully conducted to the satisfaction of all parties, proving that the term PSV FS Cygnus was well suited to the task, utilising her stern doors and a solid reputation for successfully carrying out non-standard PSV work in the past.
  • The client's utilisation of an existing asset in a non-standard role avoided the requirement for the spot charter of an AHTS to carry out the work.


Mission Complete.

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