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By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 25 Jan 2018

The Fletcher group of companies, ‘Fletcher’, have evolved over the past 18 months. New Vessel’s, new Offices, new People and new Initiatives have contributed to an all new Fletcher, and hence, a new website.
This website is a tool to provide functionality for Vessel Chartering and Contact information, whilst delivering a stimulating overview of what we, at Fletcher, do as a business.
Take a look at our Vessels via the Our Fleet Page, including videos highlighting the unique attributes of each build. Our 360 degree interactive walkabout video of the FS Cygnus gives you an in-depth insight to the vessel and the high standards we expect from our fleet. View 360 Walkabout here.
If you have any questions, queries or comments about anything on our website please contact us at
Additionally, if you are interested in joining our growing team both onshore and offshore, visit our Contact page for more information.

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