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February 2020 Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 06 Mar 2020

The Safety Theme on board our Vessels for the month of February was “Take 2”; an initiative which has become a vital tool that has been implemented across our fleet to ensure the health and wellbeing of our crew. This tool ensures the health and wellbeing of our workforce as it requires crew to take time and think through the hazards and risks involved in a work task, and to engage the mind before actioning.


Safety and Hazard Awareness is critical to conducting safe operations. Experience, knowledge, training and competency all influence our safety awareness. But stress, high workload or outside of work influences will distract us and then, there are times when our brain is simply just not on the job. All our crew strive to maintain a safe working environment on board and whilst the Take 2 initiative is all about stopping and taking a moment to evaluate a situation, there are also instances where crew are expected to respond and act swiftly and safely to an immediate issue.


February’s Safety Champion Award is therefore being awarded to two AB’s from on board FS Balmoral: Joao Salguero and Americo Lazero. Both Joao and Americo acted as a team to prevent a potential pollution spill during a fuel and pot water transfer at an offshore installation.


During the activity, while recovering the pot water hose, the connection snagged on the adjacent fuel manifold and ruptured the connection. Without prompting, the deck crew immediately called a ‘Stop Stop Stop’ and began containing the spill on deck with the SMPEP equipment available nearby. The OOW pressed the emergency stop and the spill was successfully contained onboard thanks to the prompt action of the deck crew. 


We would like to thank both crew members for their quick thinking and actions which ultimately contributed to maintaining safety on board as well as within our company safety culture and the protection of the environment. Congratulations Americo & Joao on your title as Safety Champion!

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