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Emergency Response Centre Visit

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 09 Feb 2018

With a heightened focus on Safety and Emergency Response across the Offshore Maritime Industry, a team from Fletcher were delighted to receive an invite to attend Aberdeen Coastguard last Wednesday for a presentation and tour of the Emergency Response Centre in Aberdeen. The Centre is a renowned staple for providing an established emergency response infrastructure that contributes to the safety of personnel working within the oil and gas industry.


Our Operations Team along with the Crew from the Standard Supplier, were privy to a presentation hosted by Peter Lowson; Offshore Energy Liaison Officer. His presentation focused on their emergency response procedure, and highlighted all the available assets across the organisation that are available to businesses should they require assistance in any emergency situation.


During their afternoon at the centre, our team were given a detailed breakdown of how the systems and operations within the centre operate. Focus was given to the importance of the role of any Marine Incident Communication Officer (MICO); the person nominated by the company to work alongside the coastguard on the company’s behalf, in the event of an emergency onboard one of the vessels.


Our team were greatly appreciative to have been given the opportunity to learn more about how businesses can work alongside the Coastguard in the instance of an emergency, as well as utilise the full range of resources available. All information shared will be used to update our own company emergency procedures.

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