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December Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 22 Dec 2018

It's once again time to announce Safety Champion of the month for the fleet. Our Health and Safety team are always delighted with the number of Safety Observation cards they receive each month, especially when they arrive on behalf of someone who have been seen by their crew mates to have done an exceptional job maintaining and continuing our on-board safety culture.


This month, our Safety Champion was put forward by the Master on board the Standard Provider. Jose Reis; an AB on board the vessel, was preparing the gangway for use upon docking when he was approached by a person on the quayside requesting to 'hop on' before the gangway was deployed. Mr Reis quite rightly refused access and continued to safely rig the gangway before allowing the person on board and reporting the event to the Master.


By refusing unsafe access, Mr Reis insists he was only doing his job. However, had he not followed correct procedure and given permission to board in an unsafe manner, it may have resulted in an incident or injury, as well as reflecting poorly on the vessels' safety culture and ship staff.


It is therefore our great pleasure to wish Mr Reis huge congratulations for his new title: Safety Champion of the Month! A very well-deserved win and we hope Jose enjoys his title and prize.


As always, our team appreciated all the suggestions that they receive, and we look forward to receiving next month's cards!

Oil & Gas,