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August Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 09 Aug 2018

This month we have received a fantastic number of Safety Observation Cards from crew across the fleet. Several excellent observations were submitted; however, this month, the coveted title of Safety Champion has been awarded to Mr Paul Williams.


As 2nd Officer on board the FS Braemar, Paul made a proposal of an additional eyewash station to be installed in the Ships upper Cement Room. He correctly observed that dry bulk cargos are a known irritant, and that crew left working in the area may be left vulnerable if eye protection was to fail. This proposal has been actioned, and an additional eye wash station has since been installed and added to the FFE and LSA Plans accordingly.


This pro-active approach to safety on board is greatly encouraged, and we are thankful for this valued contribution.


Huge congratulations to Paul on his new title, and we look forward to receiving next month's submissions! 


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