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August 2020 Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 27 Aug 2020

This month we have once again received some excellent Safety Observation Cards from across the fleet which have all been considered and taken on board by our HSEQ and Operations teams. 


August’s title of Safety Champion has been awarded for an observation regarding a block on the main mast. This was spotted to have almost worn through the steel ring supporting it and was in danger of falling from the mast. Our safety champion noticed the issue during monthly maintenance checks of the navigation lights on the main mast and, in conjunction with the Mate & Master, took steps to make safe the area.


We would therefore like to congratulate Paul Williams, 2nd Officer on board FS Braemar, for winning the coveted title of Safety Champion for the month of August.


A recent IMCA Safety Flash sent to all vessels as part of our own Safety Flash procedures, contained a potentially fatal near miss in which a lightning conductor had, over time, vibrated free from its mounting, eventually falling and landing close to crew working below. This incident highlights the potential dangers of overlooking areas at the top of the vessel when carrying out routine maintenance inspections.


We would like to commend Paul for his good work and encourage all crews to take an attentive and proactive approach to routine maintenance and inspections in all areas of their vessels. Thank you again to everyone for their continued efforts towards our safety culture on board.

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