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April 2021 Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 04 May 2021

The Safety Champion Award for the month of April was given to our Master on board Standard Viking: Kamil Roziewski.


Kamil won the award thanks to his positive observation and suggestion to mark pipe pins on board the vessel with a painted line to show that they are locked in the correct position.


Whilst this is a seemingly straightforward and low-cost solution, the modification makes it immediately obvious to crew if/when the pins are not correctly locked in position. In addition, the markings are also visible from the bridge, allowing quick conformation from a second pair of eyes that all pipe pins in use are locked.


This has since been implemented across the fleet where applicable, so we would like to offer our thanks to Kamil for introducing such an effective solution as well as our congratulations for receiving the title of Safety Champion!


There were many other positive Safety Observation Cards this month and we continue to be thankful to crew across the fleet for their engagement and contribution.

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