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April 2020 Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 06 May 2020

Groundhog Day no. 102,465 of lockdown…


As we enter May, we are able to look back on what will possibly be an April that none of us will be able to forget. Whilst we were able to enjoy sunny, warmer days and watch Spring develop outside, the reality of the COVID-19 situation still plays firm in our day to day lives.


We must continue to celebrate the wins whatever they are, and this month we are happy to celebrate a win for Maciej Komorowski; Chief Officer on board Standard Olympus.


Maciej has been awarded Safety Champion for April due to his pro-active approach to the implementation of the new COGARD system on board Standard Olympus. The COGUARD system is a Security and Safety Watch system which records and monitors the conduct of safety and security rounds, around a vessel or a facility in which it is installed. It's a battery powered wand which records the time at which the user reaches a certain point on the vessel, following them scanning the watch point disc. Watch point discs are spread around the vessel and scanned by the watchmen. The times and records of rounds conducted can then be cross checked on a printout, providing evidence and support that safety and security rounds were conducted effectively. 


The plan required all controlled access points to be marked with a COGARD checkpoint and checked during routine security rounds. Maciej identified a risk to personnel when entering the unmanned engine room and an alternative arrangement was provided instead. 


As always, it’s so encouraging to see crew taking ownership of new systems rather than just implementing them blindly. Maciej was able to have the foresight to anticipate the potential dangers of a lone AB entering an unmanned engine room and taking steps to prevent this.


Huge congratulations to Maciej for gaining the coveted title and thank you for having the foresight and willingness to implement change. We would also like to thank all crewmembers for their continued contribution to maintaining safety within our company safety culture and hope everyone stays safe and well for May.

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