April Safety Champion

By Kirsty Fletcher-Reid on 03 May 2019

Throughout the fleet, our crews are faced with daily issues and challenges in line with health and safety on board their vessels. Whether it is carrying out their daily jobs on board, or completing a project for a charterer, we are always asking our crews to be vigilant and astute with regards to their health and safety.


With this in mind, this month’s Safety Champion title goes to a valued member of the team on board FS Aberdour, who noticed a potential issue before it became an actual problem whilst carrying out daily checks on board.


Jon Stewart, 2nd Engineer on FS Aberdour, noticed an unusual smell coming from the engine room workshop, which, upon further investigation, turned out to be a faulty battery charging. Jon immediately disconnected the charger, secured the room and informed the Chief Engineer. Ventilation was then started in an effort to clear the atmosphere and an incident was successfully avoided due to the vigilance and successful checks of the engineer.


We would like to thank Jon for his efforts and congratulate him on the title of Safety Champion for April.

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